Our Platform

ClearCut’s Portal is a state-of-the art online platform that allows your brand to delve into comprehensive analytics into your brand, your competitors, and your category, as well as access to advanced features such as pricing elasticity and review analysis.

Our Features


Brand sales data

Understand your brand's performance and positioning online.

  • 1P and 3P sales reporting by seller, SKU, and ASIN
  • Suppressed Buy Box reports
  • ASIN and SKU sales trends weekly comps
  • OOS & Listing Error reports

sales data

Track competitor performance and see how your brand compares.

  • Brand sales data related to top competitors
  • Competitor pricing reporting and market share trends
  • Competitive and comparative analysis of competing brands
Sales growth

Category analytics

Identify trends and areas of opportunity across product categories.

  • Product category and item attribute information by brand, SKU, and ASIN
  • Category sales trend insights
  • Product recommendations

Pricing Elasticity

Evaluate and optimize product pricing in order to maximize revenue.

  • Data-driven analysis of price elasticity for the first 180 days of Authorized Retailer implementation
  • Price adjustment recommendations based on price elasticity data of SKUs
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Review tracking

Get notified of and respond to reviews as soon as they happen.

  • Daily Review output
  • Total review analysis: negative, unreviewed, legal alerts, average stars
  • Reviews by Product, ASIN, and UPC

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